Hunting with Limitless

When booking a hunt with Limitless Waterfowl you will know you are booking with a professional service. We are certain our guides are the best in the business. The land we hunt is all family owned and maintained, which is key to our success. We are out to have a great time and make sure everyone is safe while doing so. You will find our gear is top notch. Our boats are very well maintained to insure reliability and comfort while hunting.

Venice-duck-huntingLouisiana style

Venice, La is different from anywhere else! Situated at the Southern point of Mississippi flyway, Venice, La is the final stop for thousands of migrating winter waterfowl. Venice, La is a duck hunters paradise. Many different species of ducks can be taken in any given hunt due to the influence of both salt and freshwater marshes. The Mississippi River sediment deposited into our marsh helps aquatic vegetation and invertebrates thrive which provide optimal food sources for migrating waterfowl. Duck hunting in Venice is simply second to none! You are likely to see a variety such as:

•Bluewing teal  •Greenwing teal   •Canvasback •Mallards •Black duck •Grey duck  •Pintail    •Wigeon  •Mottled duck •Shovelers •Redhead  •Scaup • •Bufflehead •Ruddy duck •hooded merganser  •Coots  •Snow geese.